Clearing your house - Lesson One
by Joe Smith

There are several tried and true methods I will talk about. First is the rebar method. 

Find where the Det zone (Detrimental energy zone) is coming into the house, find the center of the zone. Take a 18 " piece of rebar and place it in the zone center. Now that you have done that move out about a foot and place one
more in the center, then another ft. place the 3rd one. 

Do this for all the entry points that you have found. Do not place them on an exit point. Drive these down below the surface. As you do this ask for any lines buried in that spot, such as telephone and sprinkler pipe and so on. 

Now for the water zone under the house, find the center of the flow of the vein, make sure you are in the up stream side of you vein. . As you are dowsing the stream or vein, start close to the house and ask where the best spot is to divert this vein. Walking out away from house the tool will tell you where that spot is. OK now drive a bar into the
center of the vein and hit the bar with a hammer the direction that will take it around the house the shortest route. Usually it is 3 blows with a small sledge hammer on the side. 

Follow it out to where it needs turning again and repeat the process till you get the vein back into the original vein. It takes a little time to do this as the water finds it's new course , maybe a couple of minutes each place. Respect other
people's rights and don't just send it over some other way.

Problems with this method: To many areas are covered with cement and you can't drive a rebar in the area. Also some areas the water vein will revert back to it's old stream bed because of clay  or other non poorus strata. I would like for you to at least block just one vein of Det energy and move a water vein by the method I told you about.  Move it back in place when you are through and  I will show you another method tomorrow or tonight. 


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